Clubhouse Trailers

Clubhouse Trailer Company., LLC. based in Edmond, Oklahoma has become the leader in Marching Band transportation as the only company 100% focused on logistics and transport solutions for the Marching Arts. Over the past 10 years our products have been developed for bands throughout the US, with projects proudly completed for schools in 13 states as well as the World Class DCI Corps The Cavaliers from Rosemont, IL, and the University of Kentucky Marching Wildcats, with many more on the way.

Our Process

Process is core to Clubhouse Trailers success, from project inception through delivery Clubhouse Trailers has created a culture of constant improvement, innovation, and efficiency throughout our team. The process begins during the consultation phase to understand the nuanced needs of each program, the staff and the community at-large. During the conceptual phase, the Clubhouse team engages with key stakeholders to work within budget, time, and process constraints to develop a highly usable and efficient solution meeting the specific needs of each program. We identify and source each gently-used trailer as this critical foundation must provide for many years of use and pride for the students, faculty, staff, and parents. We work exclusively with a trailer broker located in the Midwest with access to a Nationwide inventory of trailers in a variety of configurations to meet each distinct need. 

Each trailer must be DOT certified and all key systems are brought up to a high standard regulated by the US Department of Transportation. Each trailer is specifically selected to match the needs of a program, design, or functionality.

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Fruhauf Uniforms, INC.

Since 1910, the Fruhauf family has manufactured the highest-quality music education apparel. Four generations later we’re better than ever, and continue to use the highest quality of materials and workmanship.

​At Fruhauf, we want you to look as sharp the last day you wear your band uniform as you did the first. That’s why we always use the highest quality fabrics and production techniques in constructing garments. 

We are passionate about the needs of our customers and strive to deliver unique, high-quality music education apparel. With over a century in the industry, we know our customers are the heart of what keeps us going, and aim to assure the best one-on-one service and  experience every time.

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Fruhauf Uniforms, INC.